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End Of Tenancy Cleaning in London





How much does the End of Tenancy cleaning cost?

How many hours an End of Tenancy cleaning can last?



We apologise for thefollowing setence in addvence....

- Let's say it all depend -




Factor that help, to determine how many hours an End Of Tenancy cleaning could last.


A. Property size.

Obviously a large proprty will cost you more.


Be upfront and honest about the size of the property to be cleaned when looking for a cleaner or approaching a professional cleaning company. Do not provide false information either accidentally or intentionally, this will only delay things.


In the event that your property is larger, such as having two or three bathrooms, 4 or more bedrooms, is a two storey property, we strongly recommend that you contact the cleaning company, we can send someone to verify the amount of time it would take to complete this end of tenancy cleaning happy for all parties.


B. Condition.

The condition of the property is sometimes the point of pain.


From an economic point of view, don't be so surprised if the cleaner asks for a little extra if you welcome a den of feral badgers.

You also have to keep in mind that a cleaner will try to make the property as presentable and hygienic as possible, damage to the property does not include in the cleaning, as for example a hole in the floor, a hole in the wall or some other paintings on the wall, carpets also need special care, special cleaning, other types of machinery, all this repair should be dealt with by different professional.


C.Aditional Services.

Take extra precautions and secure the reimbursment of your security deposit.


Some companies may offer a service that already includes the thorough cleaning of kitchen appliances in the home. However, deep cleaning (with professional equipment) of carpets and upholstery usually needs to be booked separately.

So take a good look at your situation (and your agreement) and consider whether you will need specialised cleaning procedures for your rental property inventory.



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