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Shop cleaning tips

Find out how to clean a shop

Retail shops, also known as retail shops, usually sell a large number of products to a large number of people. They receive numerous customers on a daily basis, so the image of the shop plays a key role in its success.

Keeping merchandise and shelves in order, taking care of the tidiness of floors and walls are small details that make a big difference, especially if they are neglected.

Shop cleaning is one of our most renowned services. At LEKOGO we have more than 5 years of experience that make us specialists in taking care of our customers' image. All this time has allowed us to compile the most useful tips for carrying out this task. Pay attention to each one of them.

Before starting the cleaning of a tent

We know how vital retail cleanliness is, not only for customers, but also for employees and other people in the shop, which contributes to a good working environment.

Before cleaning begins, it is necessary to take an inventory and situate ourselves in the shop space. This will make it easier to determine which surface cleaning activities should be carried out on a daily basis and which intensive or deep cleaning activities should be carried out periodically, such as waxing the floor.

Taking into account furniture and resources, there are very specific tasks for cleaning glass and mirrors, shop windows, furniture, displays, counters, floors, carpets and mats, as well as cleaning electronic devices such as alarms, security cameras, light fittings and other decorative objects.




Shop cleaning tips

In addition to very specific tasks appropriate to the characteristics and specifications of each shop, we recommend following this series of tips for the organisation and cleaning of retail outlets that will be of great use to any shop.

We try to empty the bins and maintain the toilets on a daily basis. Similarly, every day we must clean the displays, counters, shelves and decorative objects, so that the glass clearly shows the product on offer and the furniture is not full of dust.

Although door handles, lights and lamps do not require daily cleaning, we recommend cleaning them frequently. It can be difficult to keep the shop entrance spotless, but after many feet through the door it is worth a try.

Every day, before opening a shop, we vacuum, wash and polish the floors; we can also scent the atmosphere, which will create a better feeling for customers.

We ensure that customers' field of vision is not obstructed by misplaced and cluttered objects or products.

If an accident has occurred and liquid has been spilled, it must be cleaned up quickly.

Another important aspect of retail cleaning is the marking and delimitation of the areas to be cleaned or to be cleaned, in order to avoid accidents with customers and to better organise the tasks.When it comes to looking your best, no effort or expense should be spared.


The cleanliness and good appearance of the shop will be reflected in customer loyalty and the success of the business. That is why the most prestigious companies rely on LEKOGO. We are committed to taking care of our clients' image through the cleaning and comprehensive maintenance of their facilities.




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