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The importance of cleaning up our surroundings. The importance of cleanliness


The house.

Clean house. Happy home.

The house is a place that we inhabit on a daily basis, we are in them doing our daily doings, we sleep in it on a daily basis, we make a daily mess.

- We say invite my friend to my house.

- We say my mum is coming to dinner at my house.

- We say I work from home.

- We say I want to go home because I am tired.

The house is definitely the most used place for us. So as we use a lot of it, it also gets dirty a lot.

The house needs to be cleaned, the house needs to be taken care of, the house needs us to do all these things, as we need the house.

I believe that the home should be the most pleasant place in our lives, we cannot live without a house, and the house cannot be pleasant without us.

The house should be cleaned and tidied at least once a week, to give us that Plasencia of wanting to be in our home, that Plasencia of being able to rest in it naturally, without the need for there to be disorder, bad smell in them we must clean.

Normally a house consists of a kitchen, some come with a living room, others do not have a living room, these are called studio flats, others are houses with patios, with gardens, others even with swimming pools,Other houses have two, three, four floors, there are castles, there are mansions.

There are many types of houses in the world, but all those houses needs to be tidy, needs to be clean, all those corners need to be cleaned and tidy.

The house may be uninhabited, but the house needs to be cleaned all the time.

You want to rent your house, you want to rent a studio, you want to rent a castle, you want to rent a flat, you want to rent your mansion, you need to have that house presented for the clients who will come to see the property you have put up for rent, and that property has to be clean, otherwise you risk not renting it out, guests will look at the smallest details of cleanliness, whether it is the bathroom, the kitchen, whether the sofa is clean.

So what is the importance of cleanliness, what is the importance of that person who cleans houses every day, his experience is what will make you have a clean house, it will make you feel happy inside your house, it will make your guests happy, it will make your mother happy to see your house clean, she will rent your property because it is clean.This is why it is important to give importance to the person who comes to your house to clean.

It is as he came to give you comfort, to give you pleasure, to make you and your visitors happy, besides that he will rest in your house like a sleeping baby.

Please take care and appreciate if someone cleans your house and if they do it for you feel happy that they have done something so important to you, something that will make your life so much happier and tidier.




Last update on 12/06/2021 - 10:44:13

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