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Things to clean more often


These things should be cleaned more often 

We are all much better at cleaning the floor, the display cabinet, mooping the floor, or wiping the kitchen worktop, but there are things in the home, flat, in the shop, in the office thgat need to be cleaned more often and in the right way.


These next 6 things you might have forgotten to clean up


1. The rubbish bin

The rubbish bin is often one of the dirtiest place in the home, office, shop, flat or workplace, becasue that is there where we put our rubbish befire we throw it away.

The waste bin should be clkeaned and desinfected regularly so that it does not produce an unpleased odour, and can also prevent the acumulation of germens.


2. Sofas 

Dirt from clothes and all the crumbs from your food and dust that comes up from the floor when you move things around tends to cumulate on the sofa, and so the sofa can become the dirtiest piece of furniture in yopur home.

Make sure your vacuun your sofa regularly and also under the cushions.


3. Sink 

Use a desinfectant cleaner to clean your sink regularly, as this is where many germs can accumulate, as we wash all the utensils and even pots and pan after every use or meal.

It should be kept clean as it can produce a lot of bacteria and can aslo attack pipes in the house, shops, office, and can lead to major problems.


4. Doorknobs and light switches

This is one of the parts where we touch most, germs can easily be produced here, because we touch so many things, even if we wash our hands regularly, dirt of any kind can still accumulate here.

It is important to desinfect this part of the property regularly wioth suitable desinfectant.


5. Shoiwer curtain and shower

Mould growth can easily occur in these places.

With a desinfectant cleaning product can be wipe all parts of these showers and curtains

Grout can be cleaned with a brush.


6. Skirting boards

Dirt can easily accumulate here, so we tend to forgot to clean the skirting boards regulkarly.

A hoover and brush can be used to clean skirting boards.

The sponges help to clean up where you see scratches, you can also use a magic eraser on this part.



Another way to maintain the cleanliness of your home, flat, shop, office, at LEKOGO you can easily find  a professional cleaner to help you keep everthing clean and tidy.

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Last update on 14/02/2022 - 14:19:59

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